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"I have had issues with my teeth and gums for many years. In the past, I have always just struggled along, from dentist to dentist. At my most recent dentist, the one I have presently, the dentist and the dental hygienist both noticed I had reddish gums. They informed me this was not the healthiest appearance. In addition to this, whenever I had my teeth cleaned and the perio charting was done with the sharp poker into the gums, I found this so uncomfortable that I always needed topical anesthetic to reduce the discomfort so that I could get through the ordeal. I had been familiar with Ipsab, the Cayce formula for the gums but I had never used it on a regular basis. About three years ago I became familiar with Ioxan and decided to try it to see if it would reduce the discomfort associated with the gum poking. I have been using Ioxan for about the last three years. After a few months on the Ioxan, my dental hygienist noticed my gums changing from the reddish to a pinkish color. She was very complimentary about this positive change in my dental picture. I then switched to another hygienist in the same office and she noticed immediately I was not requiring the topical anesthetic for comfort with the perio charting. For the last two years she has commented on how good my teeth and gums look. I am very happy with the Edgar Cayce formula Ioxan and I use it daily. I believe the Ioxan is responsible for my improvement because I have always done the flossing. The Ioxan is the new change for me and would be responsible for my positive changes." - B.M., Colorado Springs, CO
”This mouth cleanse product is so good that I don't even remember the last time I used Listerine. Listerine? What's that LOL?!” - Amazon Customer
”I used this Ioxan herbal gum product for one month and 90% of my gums have stopped bleeding. I am very grateful and hope I can prevent any more damage.” – Amazon Customer
”It works wonderfully on the gums.” - Amazon Customer
”We started using this product when we noticed some gum issues. it reversed the problem & we’ve been using it now for years. Good stuff.” - Amazon Customer
”Thank you. Your Ioxan herbal gum massage is amazing. Before I started using this product I could not eat the foods I love (popcorn, jerky, beef). Food would get stuck between my teeth and become painful. My dentist has noticed a difference. I love the product so much I gave my sister-in-law some to try. Her gums were in such bad shape that her dentist was considering pulling her teeth. Her gums were at 7-9. At her last visit, her gums were 4-5. Her dentist told her to keep using the mouthwash because it’s working. I just wanted to give you a big Thank You!” - K.H., Henderson, NV
"Ioxan was recommended to me by my acupuncturist and natural health practitioner. It has helped to dramatically heal my gum disease. In fact, the last time I went to the dentist he said I didn't have gum disease! Amazing since at that point I had had it for about 20 years. I love this stuff!" - S.M., Boerne, TX
Gratitude for the Ioxan to replace the Ipsab. I love Edgar Cayce products and have many healing experiences. He is my go to when I need a health solution. Blessing of good health, safety and love. - S.G., Jenkintown, PA
"These products are exceptional! Since using the Ioxan, Herbal Gum Massage and Mouthrinse, my gums no longer bleed. Thank you so much!" - M.H., Covina, CA
"IOXAN ... worked! I used the stuff twice a day, working it into the gum with an electric rotary toothbrush... Last week, I went for another checkup without telling the hygienist what I had done, but merely asked what the "pockets" looked like. 'What pockets? There are none!' No more talk of surgery and my mouth feels just fine!" - F.Z., St. Augustine, FL
"Excellent products! My husband was told he needed gum surgery. I bought IOXAN. A few months later, the dentist was amazed and said he didn't need surgery! I gave our dentist all the info about it for other patients. He was impressed! THANKS!" - J.C., Wichita Falls, TX
"I had not gone to the dentist for nearly four years and when I finally went I was told, after the cleaning, to come back in three months because my gums didn't look healthy and that I may need a deep cleaning. For two months prior to my return I used IOXAN and was glad when told that my gums now look healthy." - W.B. Sarasota, FL
"Ioxan is the most effective gum therapy I have found." - A.B., MD., Wheeling, WV
"...The Ioxan is nothing short of miraculous. Thank you for carrying Cayce products." - K.C., Sequim, WA
"I'd also like to comment on item #772 Ioxan (an Edgar Cayce formula!). My gum and teeth health have greatly increased." - A.L., Libertytown, MD