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"IOXAN ... worked! I used the stuff twice a day, working it into the gum with an electric rotary toothbrush... Last week, I went for another checkup without telling the hygienist what I had done, but merely asked what the "pockets" looked like. 'What pockets? There are none!' No more talk of surgery and my mouth feels just fine!" - F.Z., St. Augustine, FL
"Excellent products! My husband was told he needed gum surgery. I bought IOXAN. A few months later, the dentist was amazed and said he didn't need surgery! I gave our dentist all the info about it for other patients. He was impressed! THANKS!" - J.C., Wichita Falls, TX
"I had not gone to the dentist for nearly four years and when I finally went I was told, after the cleaning, to come back in three months because my gums didn't look healthy and that I may need a deep cleaning. For two months prior to my return I used IOXAN and was glad when told that my gums now look healthy." - W.B. Sarasota, FL
"Ioxan is the most effective gum therapy I have found." - A.B., MD., Wheeling, WV
"...The Ioxan is nothing short of miraculous. Thank you for carrying Cayce products." - K.C., Sequim, WA
"I'd also like to comment on item #772 Ioxan (an Edgar Cayce formula!). My gum and teeth health have greatly increased." - A.L., Libertytown, MD